Inside the Church

Paintings of walls and ceiling
Wall paintings (frescos) of the 12th and 16th centuries preserved in their original state provide this cultural monument with an outstanding and far reaching importance.
From the Romanesque period stems the “Infanticide of Bethlehem” in the northern apse. It is directly followed by the ”Flight from Egypt” and furthermore by “Jesus the Judge” and the brothers Abel (lamb) and Cain (sheaf). The richly painted decorations – marbling, ornamentation and carpets – of the Romanesque vaults can also be found in further churches in Westphalia, yet never in this multitude.

The “Paradise” on the northern wall with its four scenes as well as the large presentation of the “Fight with the Dragon” (legend of George) in the choir originates from the late Gothic period.

Compared to the variety of paintings, the interior is decorated rather modestly. Two reliefs of stone catch your eye from the main entrance. A lion on the northern pillar and the dragon on the southern pillar symbolize the struggle between Christ and Satan. The finely carved house of sacraments in the choir dates from the late Gothic period when both church and choir were remodeled during the late 15th century. The baptismal font in the southern apse is also of late Gothic era. The modern era altar and pulpit were installed during the interior renovation in 2002 and our new organ was installed in 2004.


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